I am a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Connecticut and a member of the Logic Group.

Most of my interests are in philosophy of language, metaphysics, and philosophical logic.

Most of my research is on the metaphysics of truth, the truth predicate, the way we use truth in giving semantic theories, and other truth-related stuff. That's the subject of my dissertation, which I'm writing under the direction of Keith Simmons, Stewart Shapiro, and Michael Lynch.

I'm also interested in semantic questions about generics and modals and metasemantic questions about what sorts of facts ground or explain facts about linguistic meaning. 

I have a side interest in analytic theology, resulting in some joint work with Jc Beall.

My Erdős number is 4. My path: Paul Erdős to R.D. Maudlin to John P. Burgess to Jc Beall to me.