Here are some courses I have taught, or will soon teach, as the primary instructor.

Fall 2017: Philosophical Classics (UConn Hartford)

This course has two major goals: to introduce students to some classics of Western philosophy and to teach students how to read philosophical books. We will focus on some classic works in early analytic philosophy:  Russell's Problems of Philosophy and Ayer's Language, Truth, and Logic.  A syllabus can be found here.

Summer 2016: Ethics and Social Philosophy (UConn Storrs)

This course was offered in conjunction with UConn's Center for Academic Progress and Student Support Services. It was an intensive, five-week class designed for incoming freshmen, particularly from underserved communities in Connecticut. While the course did cover metaethical issues and surveyed normative theories, a large portion was focused on applied topics such as sexual consent, reparations for slavery, and drug legalization. A syllabus can be found here.